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"At Triodos Bank, we believe that profit doesn't need to be at the expense of the world's most pressing environmental problems. That's why we finance organisations from organic food and farming businesses and pioneering renewable energy enterprises, to recycling companies and nature conservation projects. " [1]

"1968: Economist Adriaan Deking Dura, tax law professor Dieter Brüll, management consultant Lex Bos and banker Rudolf Mees form a group to study how money can be managed sustainably.

"1971: Triodos Foundation is established to use gifts and loans to support innovative projects and companies.

"1980: Triodos Bank NV is established with EUR 540,000 in start-up share capital and a full banking licence from the Dutch Central Bank. It starts operating in the Netherlands.

"1990: Triodos Bank launches the first green fund in Europe, Biogrond Beleggingsfonds. The Green Investment Fund follows later...

"1995: Triodos Bank opens a branch in the United Kingdom. Triodos Renewables (formerly the Wind Fund) is established in the UK. " [2]

"The anthroposophic movement and the movement for religious renewal, the Foundation Christian Community, were the sources of information for the people who established Triodos Bank.

"Triodos Bank is – entirely freely – associated with the philosophy initiated by Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy, which movement thereby represents a key principle for the work of Triodos Bank." [1]


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