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The University of Queensland (UQ) has its main campus in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, specifically in the suburb of St Lucia. The UQ St Lucia campus is the largest of the three UQ campuses. UQ's other two campuses are located in Ipswich and Gatton.

UQ is one of the geographically largest universities in Australia. It is the longest-established university in the state, as well as being a founding member of the international Universitas 21 organisation and a member of Australia's Group of Eight.

In addition, UQ is one of Australia's top two or three research intensive universities. It contains many joint and collaborative research centres, such as the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (which conducts research jointly with CSIRO), the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) and the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI). In addition, UQ is involved in centres such as the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

It was established on December 10, 1909, with Sir William MacGregor as first chancellor and was originally situated in Brisbane's CBD. In 1930, the St Lucia campus was purchased using funds donated by James O'Neil Mayne and his sister Mary Emelia Mayne to replace the less spacious city campus (now home to the Gardens Point campus of the Queensland University of Technology).

In 2009 John D. Story became UQ's Chancellor.

Building Peace and Stability: Measuring Effectiveness of Peace and Capacity Building Operations

"A Joint Project of the UQ Social Research Centre and Australian Federal Police.

"The project aims to develop a comprehensive framework for assessing the performance and effectiveness of international policing missions, including peace operations and police capacity building." [1]


Pro-Nuclear Vice-Chancellor

"The University of Queensland's Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Greenfield, AO, will be the Vice-Chancellor of UQ from January 2008." [2]

Joint Initiative with Free-Market Think Tank

"In a recent joint initiative, the Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Queensland have formed the Science and Environment Research Group." [3] See Advert

"Funding is available for 4 PhD scholarships to undertake evidence-based research into environmental issues with the aim of providing improved information and frameworks for prioritizing environmental need, quantifying the costs and benefits of conservation initiatives, developing agricultural policies and appropriate legal frameworks." [4]

Australia Public Health Nutrition Academic Collaboration

From November 29-30, 2007, the University of Queensland will be hosting the Australia Public Health Nutrition Academic Collaboration (APHNAC) conference. "APHNAC Chair, Associate Professor John Coveney, said the conference would highlight key issues that affect how the way food policy is developed and food choices are made." [5]

Rio Tinto on campus

  • UQ is also part of CSIRO's Light Metals Flagship to help work with mining companies "to help realise the Flagship's goals of leading a global revolution in light metals and, for Australia, doubling export income and generating significant new industries, while reducing any negative environmental impact." [3]
  • UQ is also one of four Core Research Participants which also include CSIRO Minerals, Curtin University, and Murdoch University at Parker Centre. "The Core Industry Participants in the new Centre are Alcan International, Alcoa World Alumina, AngloGold Ashanti Australia, Aughinish Alumina, BHP Billiton, Billiton Aluminium Australia, Hatch Associates, Queensland Alumina, Rio Tinto and WMC Resources." [4]
  • In 2004, Rio Tinto announced that "Satellite technology will be used to track koalas as part of a ground-breaking new research program between The University of Queensland and major mining company Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA)." For further details
  • UQ teams up with Rio Tinto to try to sack the president of the local union. [5]
  • In July 2007 Rio Tinto and The University of Queensland "signed a five-year $2 million partnership to address skills shortages in the mining engineering sector within Queensland." [6]
  • Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining "was established by the University of Queensland in 2001 in response to growing interest in and debate about the role of the mining and minerals industry in contemporary society." [7]

Big Green "Environmentalism"

Michael Bode, Marissa McBride, Hugh Possingham, and Kerrie Wilson "have developed a new approach for allocating funds between priority regions for conservation. This approach provides resource allocation schedules that achieve the biggest ‘bang for a conservation buck’ and improves existing approaches by accounting for diminishing returns on conservation investments, and the dynamic nature of landscapes." This project is undertaken in collaboration with "The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Belinda Reyers (CSIR), Pablo Marquet (Catholic University, Chile), Grant Wardell-Johnson (UQ), Sandy Andelman (CI), Phil Rundel (University of California – LA)." They note that "As part of ongoing research for Conservation International, we are applying our resource allocation approach to the 34 biodiversity hotspots and 5 high-biodiversity wilderness areas, in order to optimally allocate $150 million of Critical Environmental Partnership Funds." [8]


In 2004, the University of Queensland had more than 38,000 students enrolled with 6396 of these international students. Notable alumni include Bill Hayden, Professor Peter Doherty and actor Geoffrey Rush.

The 2008 Senate [9]

Official Members

Appointed Members

Eight Members Appointed by the Governor-In-Council:

Elected Members

  • One Member of the Academic Board - Professor Paul Bailes
  • One Member of the Full-Time or Part-Time Academic Staff of the University - Dr Andrew Bonnell
  • One Member of the Full-Time or Part-Time General Staff of the University - Mr Mark D. Starkey
  • One postgraduate student - Ms Sarah Collins, BMus(Hons) Qld.
  • One undergraduate student - Mr Benjamin Riley
  • Three graduates of the University - Mr Denis J. Brosnan, Mary D. Mahoney, Robert N. Wensley

Additional Members

Three Persons Appointed by Senate

The 2005 Senate

Official Members

Appointed Members Eight Members Appointed by the Governor-In-Council:

Elected Members

One Member of the Academic Board (Professor John de Jersey) One Member of the Full-Time or Part-Time Academic Staff of the University (Dr Andrew Bonnell) One Member of the Full-Time or Part-Time General Staff of the University (Mr Mark D. Starkey) One postgraduate student (Ms Vera Schluessel) One undergraduate student (Ms Meggen Lowry)

Three graduates of the University

Additional Members Three Persons Appointed by Senate To be appointed

see University of Queensland Senate Members

Corporate influence on campus

The University reported in June 2007 that they are working on developing Scramjet technology with the United States' Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), and the Australian Hypersonics Initiative (AHI). [10] Defence Materials Technology Centre.

For a full list see Current Major Sponsors, Industry Partnerships. For links to official publications including Annual Reports, Research Report, Senate Reports and Strategic Plans.

Also see Symbiosis Group.

Unethical corporations on campus

The Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (AEEMA) is the leading industry body representing Australia's information and communication technology (ICT), electronics and electrical manufacturing industries.

Selected Staff

Resources and articles


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