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War Resisters' International "was founded in 1921 under the name "Paco". It was and is based on the WRI declaration:

"War is a crime against humanity. I am therefore determined not to support any kind of war, and to strive for the removal of all causes of war

"War Resisters' International exists to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war, and to support and connect people around the world who refuse to take part in war or the preparation of war. On this basis, WRI works for a world without war." [1]


International Council (elected 2006) [2]

Working Groups [3]

2002 WRI Triennial [4]

  • Mitzi Bales. She is affiliated to WRI as an individual, having joined in 1968 not long after coming to Britain from New York. She volunteers her editorial skills and is one of the four interviewees on the video.
  • Albert Beale. He has been active in WRI since the early 1970s. Currently, he is instrumental in producing Nonviolent Action and runs the Housmans Peace Resource Project.
  • Maryatta Bryan. She worked a the WRI office when it was located in Enfield in the 1960s, having come from Finland for a conference and staying in Britain after marrying another peacenik.
  • Geoffrey Cooper. He worked part-time a the WRI office in the early 1970s. He is currently a subeditor on the publication Resurgence.
  • Marion Prince. She was a volunteer in the early 1970s. Her deep commitment to the Committee of 100 led to a prison term.
  • Michael Randle. A lecturer in peace studies at Bradford University. He is WRI's model of an academic-activist. His connection with WRI spans some 50 years. See him on the video.
  • Helga Weber & Wolfgang Zucht. Both have been active in WRI since the 1960s and are regular visitors to the WRI and PN offices. Both Helga and Wolfgang act as financial agents in Germany for PN and WRI.
  • Julia Guest, professional filmmaker.
  • Daniel Caray, staff member and Angela McCann, volunteer
  • Roberta Bacic and Andreas Speck, staff members who organised the event.


Web: http://www.wri-irg.org

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