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"The was much said about the Westminster Declaration in Christian circles during the election. It attracted over 60,000 signatures, but drew fire from Protestant circles by being ecumenical. Leading signatories were Lord Carey (Former Archbishop of Canterbury ), Cardinal O’Brien (Catholic Church in Scotland ), Michael Nazir-Ali (Former Bishop of Rochester ), Steve Clifford (General Director, Evangelical Alliance) and Lyndon Bowring (Executive Chairman, CARE)." [1]


Accessed June 2015: [2]

Just 57 – "could bring themselves to promise to maintain Christian liberties, and that 16 – real enemies of the Gospel – went out of their way to refuse to sign."

These 57 candidates, returned as MP’s, signed the Westminster 2010 Pledge:

These 16 candidates, returned as MP’s, refused to sign the Westminster 2010 Pledge:

Westminster 2010 Declaration [3]

The first 35 signatories to the Westminster 2010 Declaration are:

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