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"The Orion Nature Quarterly was founded in 1982 as a program of the Myrin Institute, a private operating foundation based in New York. The magazine quickly won a devoted readership and became known for its grounding in literature, the arts, and a philosophical exploration of how we live with the natural world.... In 1992 Orion broadened its scope beyond just publishing the magazine and formed The Orion Society, an independent nonprofit organization, to conduct additional programming. This programming was created to bring the magazine’s message to more people and encourage action on the part of individuals to put into practice the ideas Orion addressed. In 1996 Orion and The Orion Society moved from New York City to Great Barrington, Massachusetts. That year the Society also received its own 501(c)3 designation from the IRS, established its own Board of Directors, and ceased to be a program of the Myrin Institute. However, Orion continues to be published in collaboration with the Myrin Institute."[1]


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Web: http://www.orionmagazine.org

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